The Guitars

2016-05-28-08-59-53Each guitar receives my full attention at every step of the building process. From the selection and resawing of the rough lumber to the final set-up, my priority is the quality of the final product.

Having played guitar for the majority of my life now, I am very sensitive to the ergonomic side of guitar building and the importance of a well adjusted instrument. Ease of playing and intonation play an important part in the building process, such as the shaping of the neck, fretting geometry and setting-up of the guitar.

The standard string scale is 650 mm. Nut width is 52 mm and 62 mm at the 12th fret. These measurements, as well as the neck thickness and profile, can be altered to best fit the playing style of the player. A 20th fret is also available as an option.


2019-05-28 13.02.15Using the guitars built by the great spanish luthiers José Luis Romanillos and Antonio de Torres as a starting point, I have developed my own shape. Based in tradition, my shape has a rounder lower bout, allowing better defined lower frequencies and clearer bass notes projection. 

Rosette and decorations

2018-09-25 10.26.00Every rosette tile, every binding and every purfling is meticulously made in the shop, by me. These decorative elements are made entirely out of naturally coloured wood.

Different tones of red (Bloodwood, Padauk) and browns (Walnut, Rosewood and Mahogany) contrast with the pale Maple and dark Wenge veneers throughout the guitar to give it an inherently warm look. 2017-09-22 15.52.20

Wood & Pricing



The standard model features European spruce for the top and Indian rosewood for the back and sides. The neck is made of Spanish cedar or mahogany and the fretboard of ebony or equivalent materials.


The base price of my instruments is 6500$ CAD. This includes the woods mentioned above, or equivalencies. Other wood species (domestic and exotic) are available. Some require an upcharge while others do not. Please contact me for different options on your next guitar.